DermaSafe: UPF 50+ Sun Protection
Melanoma International Foundation:

As part of their mission to prevent melanoma, MIF has developed our Seal of Approval Program for products that promote prevention, early detection or patient support, demonstrate quality and are in accordance with their mission. Our products have been evaluated by their board based on company supplied independent testing, product quality, the product’s reinforcement of sun safe behaviors.
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DermaSafe: UPF 50+ Sun Protection
UPF 50+ Excellent Rated:

UPF measures both UV radiation transmittance using a laboratory instrument (spectroradiometer) and an artificial light source and translates these results using a mathematical expression based upon the sunburn action spectrum (erythema action spectrum) integrated over the relevant UV spectrum.

Developed in 1998 by Committee RA106, the testing standard for sun protective fabrics in the United States is the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) Test Method 183. This method is based on original guidelines established in Australia in 1994.
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