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Dawn Patrol Water Bucket

Dawn Patrol Water Bucket in Seagrass
Hat Medium Large
Dawn Patrol Water Bucket 21.75-23" 22-23.5"
NOTE: 98% of adults fit easily in our 2 sizes. To measure your head, circle the crown of your head with a string or dental floss (above eyebrows and ears.) Use a ruler to measure the string and compare to the above chart. Upon receiving your hat, loosen or tighten the sizing tape for a custom fit. Fit the hat slightly above eyebrows and ears to allow front and peripheral vision. Crown fabric should remain loose.
Choose Colour: Seagrass
  • UPF 50+ certified breathable sun fabric (mesh not rated)
  • 2 1/2" brim with floatable foam core / dark underbrim blocks glare
  • Three position 'Flip Lock' brim adjusts for increased visibility or sun protection
  • Ventilating mesh crown panel / neoprene brow cushion
  • Contoured neoprene neck harness with quick release
  • Rear sizing band for custom fit
  • Water repellent / Stain resistant
  • Packs for travel
  • Lightweight: 3.0 ounces
  • Sizes: Men and Women's M, L (see hat sizing chart)
  • Designed in USA / Imported
  • Patent Pending

Fabric content: Body: 100% Nylon

Washing and care instructions: Rinse after use, hand wash cold with mild soap, line dry, do not tumble dry, and do not iron.

Packing Instructions: Packs flat for travel.

DermaSafe: UPF 50+ Sun Protection
Highest sun protective ratings possible for enjoyable sun safety

Sunday Afternoons DermaSafe technology represents Sunday Afternoons' line of sun protective fabrics that guarantee an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+. An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 is the highest sun protective rating possible and prevents more than 98% of all UV rays. The sun protective properties DermaSafe are created using unique fiber weaving techniques, and the incorporation of scientifically formulated, micro-bonded treatments designed to safely increase the rate of active sun protection of each of our products. These advanced technologies greatly aid in the prevention of sunburn and long-term skin damage. The UVA and UVB protective qualities of DermaSafe do not wash out, or degrade for the lifetime of the garment. Spend more time outside knowing you will stay safe and comfortable with DermaSafe fabrics.

Each of our DermaSafe fabrics are independently tested and certified using industry leading and internationally accepted, AATCC TM 183-2000, UPF rating standards. We test on a continual basis and require the minimum of "excellent" UPF 50+ sun protective ratings, based on international rating systems, before a fabric can be used in any of our products. The styling of our products and shade that they provide play an extremely important role in keeping you sun protected all year long.

Flip-Lock Brim: Added Brim Visibility and Durability
Increased visibility or sun protection when you need it most

Flip-Lock Brim technology employs multiple polysynthetic brim-wires that are strategically staggered throughout our close-cell foam-core brims. The result allows users to effectively flip-up and lock different sections of the brim into place for enhanced visibility or flip it down for added sun protection. This is especially useful for in-water and/or high-wind activities like surfing, paddling, jet skiing, etc. The Flip-Lock Brim technology also increases brim durability and structural integrity. This is especially useful for rough & tumble handling and windy situations.

Our innovative Flip-Lock Brims start with our highly moldable and floatable close-cell foam. Foam is cut to the exact specifications of our brim requirements and then overlain with multiple, strategically placed polysynthetic brim wires. Brims wires then undergo a binding process to maximize durability and bring the flip-lock capabilities to life.

FloatCore: Durable Brim Floatation
Keeps headwear afloat for water related use

Sunday Afternoons FloatCore brim technology uses optimal density closed-cell foam to create lightweight, highly flexible and durable hat brims. The featherweight FloatCore brim technology allows headwear to effectively float in fresh and salt water. Ideal for water related sports and activities like fishing, paddling, boating swimming, etc. FloatCore brims also maintain body and shape for long-term use, so your hat stays useable and looking good week after week, year after year.

Quick Wick: Superior Evaporation
Moves moisture away from the body to keep you comfortable and dry

Sunday Afternoons Quick Wick is the ultimate solution for moisture management in the outdoors. Quick Wick effectively pulls moisture away from the skin then rapidly evaporates to keep you dry and comfortable. Hot weather and physical exertion makes you perspire causing our clothing and headwear to absorb moisture. Common fabrics like cotton will then "wet out" keeping you damp and uncomfortable for prolonged periods, with slow drying times. “Wetting out” also causes the UPF protectiveness of many (but not all) fabrics to drastically lower. Quick Wick solves this problem by swiftly and effectively moving moisture away from your skin and then evaporating quickly, so you remain cool, dry, and comfortable.

ShieldTek: Superior Repellency
Resists water and dirt

ShieldTek delivers useful protection from weather, water, dirt, and muck that life in the outdoors guarantees to bring. Our ShieldTek creates a hydrophobic protective barrier between you and the elements. This keeps your garment dryer and cleaner longer, allowing you to extend your time outdoors while remaining comfortable.

Fabrics treated with our ShieldTek technology will also dry 3-5 times faster than un-treated fabrics making them ideal for outdoor use and varying weather conditions. Help defend yourself from all of the weather, grit, and grime that nature throws at you with Splash Shield.

Wisp: Featherweight Performance
Ultra lightweight headwear for superior comfort

Sunday Afternoons’ Wisp technology is designed with performance in mind. Wisp technology represents a line of sun protective headwear that has been specifically engineered to be as light as possible, with weights under 3.0 ounces. We accomplish this by using a variety of featherweight fabrics and materials to create headwear so lightweight that it can be worn for hours on end day after day for extreme comfort and critical protection against the sun’s rays. Wisp headwear reduces discomfort so you can spend more time enjoying outdoors and less time worrying what to wear.

Convertible Venting: Superior Ventilation
Increased headwear ventilation or sun protection when you need it most

Convertible Venting is the ultimate sun protective ventilation system for the outdoors. The revolutionary design features strategically placed UPF 50+ flip-up, full-fabric and mesh crown panels for enhanced ventilation and sun protection. Convertible Venting technology allows users to flip-up sewn-in crown panels to reveal mesh ventilation. Flip-up the Convertible venting for superior heat dispersal or leave them folded down for addition top of the head sun protection.

Perfect for on-the-go active use, Sunday Afternoons Convertible Venting maximizes headwear versatility in a variety of different climates and environments.