Sunday Afternoons Artist Series

*All pricing is in Canadian Dollars

Our own spin on the new "classic" trucker! Each hand-drawn design showcases the beauty of the great outdoors and provides groovy inspiration for all of your adventures. Ventilation? Sure. Wicking? Absolutely. But don’t try to go incognito—our Artist Series Truckers are wearable art sure to turn heads.

 Trucker Hats now with StretchBack Sizing™!

Our patent pending StrechBack Sizing™ system combines classic snapback sizing adjustment with a little extra give that provides the perfect head-hugging experience. Try it on, we think you’ll love it.

 Carlos del Rio
Hailing from Mexico City, Carlos del Rio was formerly trained in graphic design and illustration. Combining techniques of pointillism, ink, and watercolor, Carlos brings an unconventional approach to art and life.
 Chris Herbst
With flow as his guiding principle, Chris Herbst shares his love of the outdoors through his designs, teaching art, and creating surf and stand-up paddle boards in Southern Oregon.
 Acacia Lacy
Combining her childhood memories and love of nature with ideas from the kids in her neighborhood, Acacia Lacy’s designs evoke the boundless imagination and wonder of youth.
 Jessilyn Brinkerhoff
Jessilyn Brinkerhoff brings an attuned awareness of her Southern Oregon home to her art. Her designs communicate and connect, giving voice to important ideas in her community.